Have questions about how we can kill your electric bill? How about solar in general? We get these types of questions all the time and have put together a list of the more frequently asked solar questions below. If you still have questions, give us a call (402-235-6044) or send us a message.

Does my home qualify for solar?

Unfortunately, there are so many people who would like to go solar, but when I arrive at their house or look up their home via satellite images and see their house surrounded by trees, I must tell them that solar is not right for their home. You need to have a good portion of your homes roof facing South, West and/or East, free of any shade, to qualify for solar.  If there is just one or a couple of trees and if you aren’t in love with the tree, we can go over some options for you. Going solar is equivalent to planting 100 trees every year, so don’t worry about cutting down one tree, you will make up for it!

Will I still have power if there is bad weather?

Solar panels will still produce energy on a cloudy or foggy day because they use the Sun’s UV rays. Kind of like how we can still get burnt on a cloudy summer day. In addition, solar panel systems often generate excess energy credits during the summer months that can be used during the winter.

What happens to my solar panel system if I sell my home?

You can either pay off the solar panel system when you sell your house, or you can transfer it to the new homeowner. Your home with a solar array will be more attractive to a future homebuyer. Recent analysis from Zillow showed homes with solar were 4% - 7% higher in value than a comparable home without solar. When you buy a house with solar, you are getting an energy generation system that pays for itself. No other appliance in the house can create a positive cash flow.

Will the solar panels damage my roof?

No, the solar panel frame is mounted into the roof studs with bolts and anchors, but our installation team takes great care during installation to prevent any damage to your roof. We also offer a 10-yr workmanship and 10-yr “No Leak Guarantee”.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

Home and business owners may realize a 10% ROI or better. Given their longevity, the systems may pay for themselves well within their lifetime. As energy prices continue to rise, the return on investment should also improve.

How do I know what size solar system I need?

We need to start with figuring out how much energy your home uses. We do this by looking over one of your most recent utility bills. Most of the time there is a bar graph on the bill that we can use to determine a year’s worth of your home’s energy usage. From there, that will help us know how many solar panels are needed to offset your electric bill. Our goal is to offset your electric bill anywhere from 50% to 100% offset. In cases where this information is not available (i.e. building of a new home) we would calculate based upon square footage and home efficiency.

Do I need to get a permit for solar?

The great thing about going solar with us is we'll cover all the upfront cost. We'll take care of the permit, city approval, inspection, installation & maintenance of the entire system for the next 25 years.

How do solar panels create energy for my home?

Like plants and photosynthesis, solar panels take the power of the sun and turn it into energy.

Here’s how it works:

The photons from the sun, shine down on the panels, they excite electrons in the panel’s cells, which then move to its circuits. This direct current energy travels from the panels to a microinverter which converts the direct current (DC) energy to alternative current energy (AC) for your home’s energy use. The microinverter connects to your home’s electrical system at the panel box or at the meter. When the installation is completes, your home is always tied to the utility grid to receive power when the sun goes down. Alternatively, the energy can be stored in batteries to be withdrawn at night. Your bi-directional meter tracks the energy generated from your array that exits your home as well as the energy your home consumes from the grid. When the grid is down, and if you have no batteries, your microinverters will not allow energy to exit your home to protect the utility workers repairing the lines.

How much may I save with solar panels?

Our customers can expect to save around 60 to 65% on their electrical spend. Those savings will accumulate over the lifespan of the panels. Our average customer over the lifetime of their system saves upwards of $60,000. Switching to solar, however it depends on how much your system costs, how much energy your array produces, and the cost of electricity in your area. This will determine how much money will need to be offset (the costs) and how much will be saved via lowered energy costs (savings). Some homeowners can reduce their energy bills by 50% or more. The paybacks for solar systems can range from 10 to 15 years, depending on the type of incentives offered and the size of the solar PV system.

I’m worried that solar panels will not look good on my home.

We get that, especially because we’ve seen some other cheaper companies’ end results. Yikes. But never fear, your install is going to look incredible, we promise! Our install team will ensure your solar array looks professional and modern, while ensuring you’re getting the best efficiency possible for your home or business. We’re never surprised when one of our customers tells us their neighbors want to go solar. Plus, once we’re finished, it’s like our installation team was never there. We leave your property just as pristine as when we arrived.

Does my system come with monitoring?

Yes, we offer elite monitoring through Enphase. You can learn more about it here.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels can last between 35-40 years, with manufacturers’ warranties typically lasting 25 years. Each year, the panel’s efficiency degrades by a small percentage. Yet after 25 years, high-efficiency panels, like the ones we install, produce 85-92% of the energy as they did in year one.

How does your solar panels handle hail?

Great question! After-all, we do live in Nebraska. The solar panels we install can resist golf ball size hail and withstand 250 mph winds. Anything larger than that you are going to have issues all over your property and it will fall under your homeowners insurance.

Is solar right for my home?

Solar gives you the ability to stop renting your power from your utility company and take control of your power. We give customers access to $0 down loan options that allow customers to finance their systems for up to 25 years with incredibly low-interest rates. This makes the decision to go solar much easier because customers don’t have to come out of pocket with anything and instead simply replace their old Utility bill with a lower bill that eventually ends. Reasons such as no money out of pocket to get started, locked in monthly bill until the system is paid off, avoiding utility rate increases, and the fact solar is better for the environment are just a few of the reasons our customers see solar as a no-brainer!

How does the 26% tax credit work?

The solar tax credit is a tax credit that is used to reduce your tax liability. So, at tax time when you owe money to the IRS, you would use your solar tax credit to cancel out your IRS bill by the value of your tax credit. The tax credit is NOT a deduction, it’s a credit. To receive the 26% tax credit your solar needs to be installed this year, in 2022.

Should I reroof before installing solar panels?

Typically, if your roof 10 years old or newer, there is no reason to redo your roof. Down the line, if you change your mind, it's not as difficult as you might think to remove your panels. It’s extremely common for roofers and solar installers to work together on projects.

Can I add more panels later?

Yes, it is possible to add more solar panels later. You can do this as long as your roof has the space for additional panels.

Will solar increase my property taxes?

No. Solar panel installations are property-tax exempt, so they will not increase your property taxes.

How do I get started?

Solar energy is booming, Nebraska saw a 700% increase in solar applications from 2020 to 2021. There will be more solar installed in the next 2 years than there was in the past 20. There is no better time to get started with solar power than right now. Call us today at 402-235-6044 for your free solar estimate, or click here to fill out the form so we can get in touch with you.