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Go Solar Through Education

We are a local solar install company based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. 

We take pride in all of our work and strive for quality, professionalism, and top-tier customer service in every project, big or small. 

All of our projects are built with top-rated products for a unique and modern solar array design.

Gabe, owner & operator is always on-site and hands-on in every project taking you through every step along with your project. 

We hope to meet you soon and help you with your solar project! 

Gabe Sanchez Lincoln Nebraska

Solar Plan Choices Two Options for Going Solar

At Killmyelectricbill.com we have 2 options for people who want to go solar. Which ever option fits your family's budget, we can help you to become energy independent.

Bill Swap

We figure out your average electric bill and design a solar system that would take a years worth of electricity usage and put it on your roof in the form of solar panels. We kill your electric bill this way by instead of paying your utility company for renting their electricity, you would now be investing in your own system. With each solar payment, you pay down to owning your own utility hub on your roof.

Cash Discount

Pay cash for the solar system and receive a substantial discount. You will still qualify for the same energy tax incentives, you just won't have a solar system payment.

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Exclusive Partner

Killmyelectricbill.com works exclusively with J-Tech Solar to handle the solar installations. J-Tech has been a staple in the community and you may know them as the “Official Exterior Experts of the Huskers”.  J-Tech’s solar installations carry 25-year solar warranties and guarantees.